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Flex Weights
Flex Weights

Bright Weights Flex Weights have been designed to fit snugly into the weight pockets of integrated BCDs. Available in 500g and 1kg weight options.

  • ECO friendly
  • Computerised quad stitching on webbing
  • Lead shot in durable Sausage shaped weights
  • Super flexible
  • Fit snugly into BCD weight pockets
  • No damage to BCD
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55220.10014BW 1kg softlood FlexST€ 11,95€ 11,95
55220.10015BW softloodzak NEW flex 0.5kgST€ 5,95€ 5,95
55220.10016BW softloodzak NEW flex 1.0kgST€ 9,95€ 9,95