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Tecline Proterm Shorty vest 7mm
Tecline Proterm Shorty vest 7mm

Additional thermal protection

  • 7mm or 5mm shorty vest with a hood
  • Soft, flexible material – easy to don and doff
  • Additional plush liner for prolonged thermal comfort
  • Veneered neoprene around the face for increased water tightness

Additional reinforcements

  • Kevlar Patches on shoulders and knees protect the material from abrasion
  • Zipper Sheath improves water tightness and makes it easy to close/open the zip without jamming
  • Seams protected by additional patches on the internal side
  • YKK Zippers – recognized quality standard of fastening devices
  • Zipper protection bands assure the proper functioning of the zippers on the whole length
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55240.05340Tecline Proterm Shorty vest 7mm S=1ST€ 209,00€ 209,00
55240.05341Tecline Proterm Shorty vest 7mm M=2ST€ 209,00€ 209,00
55240.05342Tecline Proterm Shorty vest 7mm M/L=3ST€ 209,00€ 209,00
55240.05343Tecline Proterm Shorty vest 7mm L=4ST€ 209,00€ 209,00
55240.05344Tecline Proterm Shorty vest 7mm XL=5ST€ 209,00€ 209,00
55240.05345Tecline Proterm Shorty vest 7mm XXL=6ST€ 209,00€ 209,00