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Tecline Proterm Overall 5mm
Tecline Proterm Overall 5mm

Smart neoprene technology

  • 7mm or 5mm overall wetsuit
  • Soft, flexible material – easy to don and doff
  • Additional plush liner for prolonged thermal comfort

Additional thermal protection

  • Double wrist and ankle seals
  • Veneered neoprene around the neck for better water tightness
  • Neck circumference smoothly adjustable with a zipper


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55240.05310Tecline Proterm Overall 5mm Mt S=1ST€ 275,00€ 275,00
55240.05311Tecline Proterm Overall 5mm Mt M=2ST€ 275,00€ 275,00
55240.05312Tecline Proterm Overall 5mm Mt M/L=3ST€ 275,00€ 275,00
55240.05313Tecline Proterm Overall 5mm Mt L=4ST€ 275,00€ 275,00
55240.05314Tecline Proterm Overall 5mm Mt XL=5ST€ 275,00€ 275,00
55240.05315Tecline Proterm Overall 5mm Mt XXL=6ST€ 275,00€ 275,00